Educational leadership and equity

Leadership Development We prepare and support leaders of all ages, stages, and contexts who can work effectively across sectors. Servant Leadership Servant Leadership takes the focus from the end goal to the people who are being led.

There is no sense of self interest on the part of the leader, who steps back and supports only the interests of the followers.

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This is the current tension that the ESSA will be struggling with as it is implemented in the coming years. Ng will continue her faculty appointment in the School of Education at half-time as well.

Each concept also carries implications about how students should be treated and how resources should be distributed. Specifically, we must enhance our understanding and capacity to work effectively with minority and marginalized identities in order to ensure more of our students, faculty and staff have opportunities for success.

However, when these ideas are used to orient policy approaches, undesirable consequences might arise. Inshe was named assistant director of diversity education for OMA.

Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools

Equality and Equity in Education Policy The ideas of equality and equity are often misunderstood and misused. A spouse web site positive factors modifiable downloads and extra assets for every chapter. It has been underlined the importance of distributed leadership at school level as a strategy for social development, for promoting the values of democratic participation, as well as the citizenship empowerment.

In other words, how a research question is worded frames the approaches available to answering it.

4 Major Types of Educational Leadership

While the other forms of leadership focus on one singular aspect or another, transformational leadership takes a broad view of the issues surrounding leadership and then uses those as a driving force for meeting the overall goals of the organization. Budig Teaching Professorship in and the Dr.

For example, policies specifically geared towards equity, such as the No Child Left Behind Act NCLBhave created a narrowed curriculum, because reaching equity is reaching proficiency on state standardized tests.

This is why understanding the differences between these three ideas—and asking the right questions—is important.

leadership ethics and schooling for social justice

The Institute for Educational Leadership boldly mobilizes leaders for impact. Married for 19 years to Calvin Mosley, she is the proud mother of two children, one whom is a recent graduate of Alachua County Public School System. It takes the focus completely to the other side of the spectrum — demanding that leaders be emotionally intelligent themselves and then to motivate through the use of that emotional intelligence.

Time will tell if the ESSA policies help remedy this issue.What follows is a list of three things all educators can do to facilitate the process of realizing educational equity within our classrooms and schools. Access—Give students access to technology and access to the Internet they need to effectively and efficiently utilize Promoting Educational Equity.

Equity Quotes

Teacher Leadership in Action at. The Education Leadership and Policy for Equity minor is appropriate for undergraduate students who may be interested in careers in educational leadership, administration, or policy at the K or higher education levels or those interested in leadership and policy issues in related fields such as non-profit management, public administration.

The purpose of this thematic RLE file is to collect a set of papers focused on field work showing how “school leadership” is promoting “equity and learning”, and as such, contributing to reinforce a better informed and knowledge grounded education policy.

Education, Leadership and Equity: A Look Forward. Archived Information. Education, Leadership and Equity: A Look Forward. December 14, Indeed, ESSA is fundamentally a civil rights law - an extension of the promise of educational equity made in the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act of We, as leaders, can.

participated as members of an Educational Equity Focus Group with the purpose of Equitable outcomes for each student are the purpose of this Equity Action Plan.

The following equity definitions will be used: Improving equity-centered site instructional leadership and support. Deborah Jewell-Sherman is the faculty chair of Women in Education Leadership, National Institute for Urban School Leaders, and Leading for Excellence and Equity: A CAEL Module and faculty co-chair of Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools.

Educational leadership and equity
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