Write a sentence with the word deluges

It is true, that if the affection or aptness of the children be extraordinary, then it is good not to cross it; but generally the precept is good, Optimum elige, suave et facile illud faciet consuetudo.

And if there be any truth in the doctrine of the physiognomists, whether Zopyrus, or Loxus, or Polemon, or any other who wrote on such a subject, and who profess to know in some wonderful way that all bodies are adapted to the habits of the souls, must there have been for that soul which was to dwell with miraculous power among men, and work mighty deeds, a body produced, as Celsus thinks, by an act of adultery between Panthera and the Virgin?!

For no study is so important that it warrants us in neglecting to perform the offices of friendship, since this is the duty which our studies teach us to observe most religiously. And therefore Montaigny saith prettily, when he inquired the reason, why the word of the lie should be such a disgrace, and such an odious charge?

Celsus, being of opinion that there is to be found among many nations a general relationship of doctrine, enumerates all the nations which gave rise to such and such opinions; but for some reason, unknown to me, he casts a slight upon the Jews, not including them amongst the others, as having either laboured along with them, and arrived at the same conclusions, or as having entertained similar opinions on many subjects.

The motion before the senate was concerned with the freedmen of the consul Afranius Dexter, who had come to a violent end, but it was not clear whether he had met his death at the hands of his own people, and, even supposing he had, no one knew whether they had foully murdered him, or whether he had commanded them to kill him.

It is a pleasure, to stand upon the shore, and to see ships tossed upon the sea; a pleasure, to stand in the window of a castle, and to see a battle, and the adventures thereof below: And if he demands of us our reasons for such a belief, let him first give grounds for his own unsupported assertions, and then we shall show that this view of ours is the correct one.

Nay, retire men cannot when they would, neither will they, when it were reason; but are impatient of privateness, even in age and sickness, which require the shadow; like old townsmen, that will be still sitting at their street door, though thereby they offer age to scorn.

It is a strange thing, to note the excess of this passion, and how it braves the nature, and value of things, by this; that the speaking in a perpetual hyperbole, is comely in nothing but in love.

And therefore it is a bridle also to great ones, to keep them within bounds. It is no less worthy, to observe, how little alteration in good spirits, the approaches of death make; for they appear to be the same men, till the last instant. This is the more generous.


Leonardo's writings indicate that he based all of his beliefs on reason. Yet in religious meditations, there is sometimes mixture of vanity, and of superstition.

It is certainly true that the most modern stoves and wood-pellet burners produce less than a fifth of the particle pollution that comes from an open fire. How much more impartial than Celsus is Numenius the Pythagorean, who has given many proofs of being a very eloquent man, and who has carefully tested many opinions, and collected together from many sources what had the appearance of truth; for, in the first hook of his treatise On the Good, speaking of those nations who have adopted the opinion that God is incorporeal, he enumerates the Jews also among those who hold this view; not showing any reluctance to use even the language of their prophets in his treatise, and to give it a metaphorical signification.

Why would any claiming to fight geoengineering use Ball as a source?

Pliny the Younger : Letters

However, such very liberal Christians--people like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson--are more accurately categorized as Deists. But he who deals candidly with histories, and would wish to keep himself also from being imposed upon by them, will exercise his judgment as to what statements he will give his assent to, and what he will accept figuratively, seeking to discover the meaning of the authors of such inventions, and from what statements he will withhold his belief, as having been written for the gratification of certain individuals.

Therefore atheism did never perturb states; for it makes men wary of themselves, as looking no further: Let us therefore notice what he has to say by way of impugning the bodily appearance of the Holy Spirit to our Saviour in the form of a dove.

For to him that opens himself, men will hardly show themselves adverse; but will fair let him go on, and turn their freedom of speech, to freedom of thought. But since Celsus has declared it to be a saying of many Christians, that "the wisdom of this life is a bad thing, but that foolishness is good," we have to answer that he slanders the Gospel, not giving the words as they actually occur in the writings of Paul, where they run as follow: As members of free, democratic and civilized societies, we too have our sacred principles: As the name suggests, defensible space is an area where a home can be defended by firefighters.

Generally, it is to be foreseen that the population of a kingdom especially if it be not mown down by wars do not exceed the stock of the kingdom, which should maintain them.

A man would die, though he were neither valiant, nor miserable, only upon a weariness to do the same thing so oft, over and over.

The Greek word for Messiah is Christos, hence the name Christian. That is to say, just as at the public games it sometimes happens that, in the drawing of the lots, a gladiator draws a bye and is put on one side to cope with the victor of an early round, so in the senate there are first rounds and second rounds, and there may be a third proposition waiting to be pitted against the winner of other two propositions.

Tacitus saith, Livia sorted well with the arts of her husband, and dissimulation of her son; attributing arts or policy to Augustus, and dissimulation to Tiberius.

No less than a quarter of the Book of Genesis is devoted to him.

Right Is The New Left

And which of the two is the more appropriate as the mother of Immanuel i. Most of all, though, I dislike the certain knowledge that religion, in one grotesque form or other, will be with us so long as there is a single dark, cobwebbed corner of the human imagination that a believer can stuff a god into.Were Joseph and Imhotep of Egypt The Same Man?

THE GENESIS OF ISRAEL AND EGYPT By Emmet Sweeny, (2nd ed.) INTRODUCTION. One of the perennial ambitions of Christian Europeans, throughout the centuries, has been the verification of the Bible. Container ship crosses Arctic route for first time in history due to melting sea ice The above heading is an example of hiding something in plain sight.

Were Joseph and Imhotep of Egypt The Same Man? THE GENESIS OF ISRAEL AND EGYPT By Emmet Sweeny, (2nd ed.) INTRODUCTION. One of the perennial ambitions of Christian Europeans, throughout the centuries, has been the verification of the Bible.

Here is a link to an incredibly thorough and revealing analysis of the interference of politics in science. Anyone who thinks we can rely on government to get us out. This is testable by looking back more than a century and seeing how many of the issues back then were won by the right and then proceeded to fossilize on that side of the Overton window.

The most fortunate of us, in our journey through life, frequently meet with calamities and misfortunes which may greatly afflict us; and, to fortify our minds against the attacks of these calamities and misfortunes, should be one of the principal studies and endeavours of our lives.

Write a sentence with the word deluges
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